We work in the area of prevention, preservation and improvement of mental health at work. We provide our clients with the support of employees to maintain mental and physical health, positive relationships and healthy performance, for the benefit of the development of the organization and its team.

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At Mental Health at Work, we believe that building good relationships, positive emotions, trust and commitment build and support mental health at work. This makes us better able to cope with daily challenges and more resilient to workplace stress. The mental well-being of employees helps maintain efficiency, affects absenteeism and turnover rates, and helps maintain job satisfaction.

We can help in these specific areas

Services we provide to our customers

Psychological support

Access to psychological help is a benefit valued by companies. The availability of an online psychologist, quick appointments and the anonymity of the meeting encourage people to reach out for help. Employees can discuss both personal and professional issues, which has a positive impact on coping, wellbeing and healthy efficiency.


This is a basic form of psycho-education for employees who have access to a computer or monitor room. Preferred because of its broad reach and the short time in which employees gain knowledge. Eagerly organized as a recurring educational event, internal development academy and special event. Is an excellent solution for mental health and wellbeing within the company. The multitude of topics educates, inspires reflection, personal growth and mental change that supports health.

Ambasador Mental Health

Managers at all levels and HR experts are the people in the company who can spot employees who need help. No one should have to struggle with mental health problems alone, which is why the response of those closest to them is so important. The goal of the Mental Health Ambassador is to create and implement an organizational culture that fosters prevention, preservation and improvement of health at work. We invite Managers and HR Teams for knowledge, practical tips and joint search for solutions.

Intervention support

It is psychological help provided to people experiencing a psychological crisis or facing a challenge that is beyond them. It usually deals with emergency situations that are accompanied by loss of control over one's life and fear of coping. These may include an accident, diagnosis of an illness, death of a loved one, war, epidemic, exacerbated conflict and others. Support from a person or group is provided at a time when this help is most needed.

Workshops and training

Face-to-face meetings, skill practice, discussion and the opportunity to discuss one's own cases are methods that definitely improve the effectiveness of learning. We encourage the use of this form of competence development in teams of employees. Training sessions will help to assimilate knowledge and practice skills. Workshops are practical activities focused on improving skills and developing solutions.

Support for teachers and school management

School and university employees are subject to high professional pressure. Very much giving the entire
society are limited in their ability to reach out to help themselves. Aware of
of the responsibility that teachers bear, we offer activities aimed at
psychological support for those involved in education.

Sign up for Mental Health Ambassador course

A course for an organization that wants to take comprehensive care of prevention, maintenance and improvement of mental and physical health of employees.

We can help in these specific areas

Benefits of our support

  • Experienced psychologists:
    - therapists, crisis intervention specialists, trainers
    - familiar with the work environment
  • Professional and comprehensive service for the company and employees
    - in Polish and English
  • Full anonymity
  • Individual customization and flexibility
  • Easy and user-friendly meeting booking service
  • Building mental resilience
  • Preventing job burnout
  • Mobbing prevention strategies
  • Dealing with emotions and stress
  • Increased level of satisfaction with tasks performed
  • Improving personal and professional competencies


We solve problems

We are a team of experienced experts working in the field of psychology and business.
We help implement solutions for employee mental health, healthy relationships and healthy performance at work. We help with professional and personal issues. Our psychologists, therapists, coaches and trainers are available to you for one-on-one sessions, webinars, workshops and other events both on-site and online. We work in the Polish language.

  • Dealing with stress
  • Depression and burnout
  • Good relations
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Parenting difficulties of parents
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Healthy Efficiency
  • Dealing with change
  • Skill development
  • Employee satisfaction




One aspect that sets us apart is our deep understanding of how adults learn and develop. Our team delivers learning solutions that really make a difference. Our courses are designed to engage, challenge and motivate participants. Learning is based on participants' experiences, reflecting on those experiences, enriching knowledge and coaching new skills. We always study your needs before we embark on development activities. In recurrent training, we work with the company to implement the results in the workplace. Access to mental health experts means we have plenty of real-life examples to enrich our training.


We provide direct access to people who can help employees, managers and teams. There is no need to wait to see a psychologist or coach - they are available online and by the phones, ready to offer support and advice exactly when you need it. Our psychologists help with both work and personal life topics. The advantage of our team is our own extensive professional and personal experience, as well as professionalism and responsibility. We adhere to a code of professional ethics while maintaining the discretion and anonymity of our clients. Our profession requires continuous education and self-development, which we carry out with passion and for the benefit of our clients.


Our unique proactive approach is based on understanding the psychoeducation and mental health needs of employees, but we are also business professionals. We work for the healthy efficiency of companies. We focus on the individual needs of our clients and provide reasonable solutions with measurable benefits. We periodically recommend directions to support a company culture attentive to the mental and physical health of employees. We help reduce turnover and sick leave costs, as well as litigation costs resulting from conflicts. Our actions translate into increased employee satisfaction, loyalty, commitment and productivity, better atmosphere and cooperation, and increased efficiency.

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Below are some selected testimonials
from our customers

We are very satisfied with the service, thanks to which everyone who needs help can get it quickly in a face-to-face meeting with a psychologist.
Thank you for preparing a series of 7 webinars to help us take care of mental health, manage stress better, develop mental resilience and improve team communication in the home office.
For a successful and satisfying cooperation, we recommend psychological services for companies provided by Anna Leśnikowska-Jaros.

Beata RzymowskaDirector of the Human Capital Management Office / INFOR PL Joint Stock Company

Company support for the service we have been using since April 2021. Psychologists make it available to managers of Bluerank Sp z o. o.
Thanks to the trust we have built during cooperation, they also conduct online activities, the specific needs of teams and people leading for our organization.
In the broadcast with Mrs. Ania, we should act in our activities for relationships and healthy performance in our company. Also benefit from the advisory influence from the perspective of a psychologist who notices the exploitation of employees and the management.
Continuing and recommending Ms. Anne Leśnikowska-Jaros and Mental Health at Work - Psychology for Business, as a provider of psychological development services.

Maciej GałeckiCEO / Bluerank

We would like to thank you for your cooperation in supporting EXATEL S.A. employees and managers in the areas of mental toughness, emotional intelligence, healthy performance, open communication and relationship building. Our intranet Knowledgebase gained 28 hours of valuable information and guidance that will benefit current and future employees of the company. The webinars had a loyal audience who appreciated the personalised content and practical examples to suit their reported needs. The 1.5-year development cycle has helped to gain a broader perspective and a healthy distance, which makes it easier to work together within the company as well as to deal with challenges, stress and take care of one's health. We highly recommend the psycho-educational services for business carried out by Ms Anna Leśnikowska-Jaros and the Mental Health at Work - Psychology for Business team.

Elżbieta BorkowskaDirector of HR Office/ Exatel S.A.

After just the first month of working with Mental Health at Work, our team members insisted that this benefit would stay with us for a long time. The support that Mental Health offers is very flexible - our international team can benefit from consultations in Polish, as well as in English. Anyone can receive counseling and consultation anonymously, but also start more regular meetings with a psychotherapist - which also addresses the different needs of our employees. We are very satisfied with the quality of the service, but also with how flexible and seamless our cooperation is. We definitely recommend it!

Martyna ŁapajHR Specialist/ Tribe47

We are pleased to provide references to Mrs. Anna Leśnikowska-Jaros and Olga Mac from Mental Health at Work for conducting a webinar entitled "Depressed mood or symptoms of depression?" The interesting topic and dynamic form aroused great interest and recognition of our employees, who received a reliable portion of knowledge and useful tools.
We are very satisfied with the course of cooperation, including the professional training approach and flexibility in responding to our needs. We look forward to further cooperation and highly recommend Mental Health at Work as a provider of psychological development services.

Joanna Zasadzińska Organizational Development Director / Schibsted

Metal Health at Work, in the period 07-12.2020, implemented a process for our team supporting the company in change, in the field of cooperation between teams and employees. We participated in the needs assessment process, organizational culture workshops, skill development workshops and individual psychological support sessions. Mrs. Olga Mac and Anna Leśnikowska-Jaros perfectly recognized our needs and prepared an adequate strategy that allowed us to implement changes in a systemic way.
We are very satisfied with the course of cooperation, in particular the individual approach, extensive substantive knowledge and the synergy effect of all actions taken. Additionally, we value the pleasant atmosphere and openness that helped us achieve our goals.

Jarosław MoczakManaging Director / Panasonic Industry Poland Sp z o.o.

At the beginning of 2021, our employees benefited from the support of Metal Health at Work psychologists as part of a campaign promoting the care of their full health, including mental well-being. The action was preceded by an extensive information campaign for all employees of our company, prepared and supported by Mrs. Anna Leśnikowska Jaros and Olga Mac.
Thank you for your support during this difficult period of life and functioning during the pandemic. We are very satisfied with the organization and course of cooperation. We highly recommend psychological assistance provided by Metal Health at Work.

Mariola SzczepaniakCo-owner/ZPS Jamar

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